3 Tips To Help You Handle Drunk Driving Charges

9 March 2022
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Many people die as a result of drunk driving accidents every day. Law enforcement officers have put in place stringent measures to curb impaired driving. As a result, getting arrested for drunk driving leads to dire consequences. It is best to consider hiring a competent attorney immediately after the arrest. Here are four other tips to help you handle drunk driving. 

Use the Court and Diversion Programs

Getting arrested for drunk driving as a first-time offender is not as severe as when you have another case in your file. It is easier to get off with a relatively minor punishment. The diversion programs have a design to rid you of some of the consequences that you might get from a conviction. However, they might require you to satisfy some criteria to qualify for the programs. First, you might experience challenges with the program if you had extremely high levels of blood alcohol content at the time of the arrest. You will avoid jail time when you complete the program as per the guidelines. The court will also not cancel your license, and you will not have a criminal record in your files. Some states might demand that you get assessed and treated for drug and alcohol abuse.

Try and Get a Plea Bargain

Another way out of the drunk driving case is through a plea bargain. Here, you will choose to plead guilty as long as the courts offer you the opportunity to negotiate the severity of your punishment. The prosecution should issue the penalties at the lower end of the spectrum. For example, you could agree for the DUI charge to be changed into a reckless driving one. The latter is less grave and will land you in less trouble than the drunk driving charge. 

Fight the DUI 

Fighting the drunk driving charge is another possible option. Even though every drunk driving case is unique, some offer some opportunities to challenge the process and get the entire process thrown out. For example, if the officers stopped you without probable cause, everything that happened after the stop is arguably illegal. You can use this defense to get the prosecution to drop the charges. Other ways to dispute the charge include contesting the blood alcohol content recorded during the arrest.

A competent lawyer will help you determine an ideal way to handle your drunk driving charge. With their help, you can minimize the severity of the punishment you receive for the crime and return to your regular life.

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