Six Mistakes To Avoid When Communicating With Your Insurance Company Regarding Your Car Accident

5 November 2019
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One necessity after any car accident is communicating with insurance companies. You need to take care of how you communicate and what you say so that you don't inadvertently make any mistakes that could compromise your position in your case.

The following are six mistakes to avoid when communicating with your insurance company regarding your car accident:

Agreeing to settle too quickly

If the insurance company is trying to convince you to settle regarding your case, it's a good sign that your case has a lot of value. You should carefully evaluate any settlement offer with your attorney before agreeing to it.

While some settlement offers might be adequate, others might be clear attempts to undercut the value of your case. 

Giving a recorded statement

Probably the number one piece of advice that any car accident lawyer has to give regarding cases is that you refuse to give any recorded statement to your insurance company. You're not under any obligation to give a recorded statement outside of court proceedings, so never agree to do so. 

Providing information about any evidence you have

Give as little information as possible to the insurance company about any photographs or witness testimony you may have available to you. Unless your attorney instructs you that it's advantageous to discuss this information with the insurance company, don't say anything about your evidence. 

Losing your calm or temper

Remain professional and never lose your cool when discussing the accident with the insurance company. If any representative from the insurance company sees that you become emotional or lose your patience, they may try to exploit this at trial. 

Providing any information you're not required to provide

You should never volunteer any information when discussing your claim or case with the insurance company. Even if a piece of information seems irrelevant to your case to you, don't disclose it to your insurance company unless you're required to. 

Not getting the name of the representative you speak with

Every time you have to communicate with the insurance company, you should make a record of the conversation. This record should include jotting down the name of the representative you spoke to. 

You're going to be responsible for communicating with the insurance company on a few occasions. Anytime you're required to communicate, keeping a careful record of when the conversation occurred and who you spoke to can help you back up your efforts to fulfill your responsibilities regarding your claim.

For more information, contact an auto accident attorney.