Were You Hurt Trying To Help A Neighbor Retrieve Their Lost Dog? 3 Tips To Address A Dog Bite Injury

30 June 2019
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The thought of your neighbor's dog going missing is enough to send you scurrying to help get it back. After all, it's just natural to want to be a good neighbor and help out, especially if you also love dogs. Unfortunately, your attempt to do good in the neighborhood led to a serious problem. A dog bite leaves you with injuries that require medical treatment, and you may have even had other issues arise such as having to miss work. While you want to be nice to your neighbor, it is also important that they take responsibility for their dog's actions. Now that you've been bitten, you can use these tips to take care of your health and make sure that you are properly compensated for your hardships.

Have the Bite Professionally Treated

Dog bites can range from a minor nick to serious gashes that injure the underlying muscles and ligaments that impact your ability to move the affected area of your body. When you have a mild injury, your first thought may be to simply wash it off and put a bandage on it. Sadly, improperly treating a dog bite can lead to serious infections, even in minor wounds. Therefore, it is best to go ahead and have the injured part of your body checked by a physician. This way, they can check the full extent of the damage, and they may recommend medications, such as antibiotics, to help lower the risk of infection.

Compile a File of Evidence

You will also need to create a file that documents exactly what happened, as well as how the injury has impacted your life. Once you receive treatment for the bite, make sure to keep documentation of the injury such as the medical report, any bills that you receive, and photographs of the damage that the dog's teeth did to your body. You may also need to photograph the location where the injury occurred and write down any information that you have about how often the dog gets out and if it has ever hurt anyone else before. This information will all help your dog bite lawyer begin to build your case.

Avoid Accepting an Informal Payment

It is also common for someone who feels bad about their dog's behavior to offer you cash for your injuries. They may suggest that they can cover the medical bills or reimburse you for your medicine. While you may be tempted to accept their help, this can complicate your case if your health takes a turn for the worse. Instead, let your dog bite attorney guide you regarding any further dealings that you have with your neighbor so that you can be sure that you receive the compensation you need to heal properly.

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