Motorcycle Crash Arm Injuries: 4 Financial Factors For Wood Crafters

14 July 2016
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When getting involved in a motorcycle accident, an arm injury can create major problems in your daily life and routine. If you are a wood crafter that made money selling custom creations, then the inability to use your hands can have a large impact on your ability to work each day. Along with your regular income, there are other financial impacts that can occur due to an arm injury. If another driver is at fault for the accident, then you can seek compensation through a settlement case. When seeking the services of a motorcycle accident attorney, there are four different financial factors you should consider. Each one can help your settlement and ensure that you receive the proper damages for the injuries that have occurred.

Canceled Orders

One of the earliest financial impacts that you may be dealing with are canceled orders. If an arm injury prevents you from working for months, then some of your clients may cancel orders and seek services from another wood crafter. If this is the case, then you may have to refund deposits or amounts that have already been paid. During a settlement case, you can seek compensation for these refunds and the total amount that you would have made for the order. Without the injuries, these orders would have likely been completed and paid in full. When consulting with an attorney, it's a good idea to bring any invoices or customer orders that you had prior to the accident.

Expired Products

During your time away from wood crafting, there may be a number of items that end up expiring and can no longer be used. During a settlement case, you can seek reimbursement for these items so you can replace them when you're ready to return back to work. By doing an exam of your wood shop, you can take an inventory of products that have expired. Examples of expired woodworking products includes stains, oils, and finishes. The best way to tell if the product has expired is going by the "use by" date. An attorney may also request images of the products to help use as evidence during your case.

Assistant Wages

When dealing with an arm injury due to a crash, you may not have full strength or mobility in your arms. To continue working with wood products, you may need to hire an assistant. This person can be there to lift heavy items, operate machinery, and help you with basic chores around the wood shop. If you did not need an assistant before, then the wages you pay for this person may be covered through a settlement cost. These extra costs can be considered a part of your "quality of life" needs. Without the assistant, your wood shop wouldn't operate correctly and your time away from the shop would be a lot longer than usual. When presenting evidence, you can use time cards or payment stubs to showcase how much you have paid the extra person in your shop.

Adaptive Equipment

Some motorcycle accident arm injuries can have permanent implications or issues in the future. To help you return to wood crafting, you may need to purchase adaptive equipment for your arms. Specialty equipment can help put less pressure on your arms and decrease the daily wear and tear that occurs in a wood shop. Examples of the equipment includes an elbow brace or a wrist brace. Special tools may also be needed to help you saw or cut wood with ease. If you've already purchased equipment, you can use receipts as evidence in your settlement case. If you need equipment in the future, an attorney can use an estimated price list as evidence. This can help you get the compensation you need to properly return to your wood shop.

Consult with an attorney soon after the car accident occurs. This will help you build your case and cover all of the different financial impacts as soon as possible.