Car Accident Cases: 4 Financial Impacts For Hairdressers With Hand Injuries

13 June 2016
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Styling hair is an art form that is performed on the human head. To help perform this art form, a hairdresser requires the use of their hands to control a variety of tools and really make a hairstyle come to life. If you're a hairdresser that has suffered a hand injury in a car accident, then your future career may drastically change. As you heal through the injuries, there are four financial impacts that can make a huge difference in your life. By consulting with a car accident lawyer, you can seek a settlement from the liable party involved in the car accident. Adding these four financial impacts will help act as evidence and build on the compensation amount that you deserve.

Lost Income

One of the biggest impacts that you will have is lost income. While this may seem obvious, there are several other factors to consider when trying to receive compensation for the income that you receive. Along with a standard pay rate, many hairdressers receive tips for the work that they do. These tips can add up each week and make a big impact on the amount that you make. If you kept track of your daily or weekly tips, then it can act as great evidence for your case. The lost tip money can be compensated for in your settlement and add to the lost income that you are already missing out on.

Special Events

Along with working at a salon, many hairdressers book gigs on the side. Weddings, proms, and funerals are just a few of the events that you may style hair for. When dealing with a hand injury, you may be forced to cancel these events and lose out on the extra money that you have earned. If you already had sessions booked, then you can use contracts and agreements as evidence of the lost income. You can also use annual average incomes that you earned from these events to showcase amounts that you have lost. An attorney can help you organize this and present it as valid evidence for your case.

Physical Therapy

As you heal through your injury, it may be hard to use your hand like you once used to. In this case, you may need to go to special physical therapy sessions to establish your fine motor skills again. These sessions can focus on the small movements and specific movements with tools like scissors. In some cases, your health insurance may not cover the costs of extra therapy sessions and training. If this is the case, then the party responsible for the accident can be held liable and the costs can be included within your settlement case. An attorney can also seek compensation for any future physical therapy sessions that you may have to attend.

Adaptive Tools

Sometimes a hand injury can create permanent problems like pains, aches, and the inability to perform for an extended amount of time. As you prepare to go back to work, you may need to purchase some adaptive equipment so you can cut hair the way that you used to. Basic equipment may include scissors with special handles or a wrist support. For cleaning up your hairdressing area, you may need to purchase adaptive cleaning tools like brooms, dust pans, or small vacuums. Soft grips on all of these items will also make it easier to hold and operate on a daily basis.

The costs for this equipment can add up and should be included as part of your settlement case. By presenting estimated costs or receipts to an attorney, the various tools can be included within the final settlement.

Contacting an attorney is the first step in getting compensation for your financial hairdressing losses. Covering all of the different factors can make a huge difference on your final settlement.