5 Financial Effects Of A Fisherman Injured In A Car Accident

15 July 2015
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Fishing is not only a great hobby, but for many who love to cast a line, it becomes an extra source of income. When a car crash injury limits your ability to fish, that extra income and financial investment could be all washed down the drain. Instead of taking the loss, a car crash attorney can help you reach a settlement and receive compensation for your loss. The fishing financial effects are just one part of your case, but it can be a huge factor in the settlement you receive.

Read and learn about five different ways a car accident injury can effect you financially.

Fishing for Meals

A lot of fisherman go out on the water to catch their next meal. Without the ability to fish, new plans need to be made to support the meals in your home. By working with an attorney, you have the ability to calculate the amount of meals you ate fish for and needed replacements for. The extra time to purchase groceries and cook meals could make a large financial difference on your daily life.

Not only does it affect your personal meals, but some fisherman choose to sell fish to local farmer's markets or grocery stores. If you received any income by selling fish, you should be compensated for this loss of income. An attorney can use past sales receipts and different fishing seasons to help calculate the potential loss.

Damaged Fishing Equipment

The car accident that you were involved in may not have just done damage to your body. If you commonly tow fishing equipment, the damage done could become a part of loss. This is especially significant if you have any type of boating equipment attached to your car. Whether it's a fishing boat or canoe, a car accident could result in hundreds of dollars worth of damage.

The trailer that you carry fishing equipment on could be a part of the damages, too. Before taking a quick settlement, it's a good idea to consult with an attorney to make sure you are receiving full replacement value for all of your damaged fishing equipment.

Wasted Bait

At the time of your accident, your home could have been stocked with a lot of valuable fishing bait. Whether it's worms, shiners, or other live bait, the prices for bait can quickly add up. If you're stuck at a hospital or healing from your injury, all of that bait can go to waste. Before throwing any bait or fishing accessories away, take pictures first. These pictures can act as evidence for your case.

Fishing Tournaments & Clubs

Catching the big fish is not only worth the pride, but it can be worth a lot of cash. Fishing tournaments are held all over the country and an ideal way for fisherman to make extra income. If you have been a part of any of these tournaments, then you could be losing out on potential income and prizes.

The best way to judge this is by the prizes you have for past tournaments. An attorney can help calculate the amount of prizes you win in a year and the average amount made for each tournament.

A lot of these tournaments are held through fishing clubs. Paying for fishing club memberships may be a waste if you're too injured to continue fishing. This includes lake clubs, rod & gun clubs, or national fishing associations.

Adaptable Equipment

Some injuries could change the way you fish for a lifetime. If you have been permanently injured, you may not have the ability to fish like you used to. In this case, you will have to purchase adaptable equipment. A variety of equipment can be purchased for boats and shores.

One example of this equipment is a fishing pole clamp. These clamps can attach to hips or boats. They offer an easy way to hold the pole up when you do not have free use of both hands. Compensation for the equipment should be covered through a settlement in the accident.

There are many aspects to the life of a fisherman. Covering every detail can ensure that your case is properly represented. Work with an auto accident attorney to figure out all these details.