How A Car Accident Attorney Can Help You Handle A Severe Auto Collision

4 September 2018
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Car accidents can take their toll on you emotionally and physically. If you're involved in one and didn't cause it, you deserve compensation. You can get it when you work with a car accident attorney, who can benefit you in the following ways.  Work with Your Insurance Company  After a severe auto collision, chances are a lot of damages were done to your vehicle. That's where insurance should kick in. Unfortunately, insurance companies often try to pay the minimum or nothing at all if they can find holes in your claim. Read More 

Can You Sue The Doctor For Your Loved One’s Wrongful Death?

24 July 2018
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Did you recently lose a spouse, child, or other loved one? Do you believe their passing is due to negligence or malpractice on the part of their healthcare provider? Perhaps an accident occurred during surgery or maybe you feel like the doctor didn't provide the appropriate level of care. Whatever the circumstances, you likely want to find out exactly what happened and hold the provider responsible. You may even have some outstanding costs related to the incident that you feel warrant compensation from the responsible party. Read More 

What Affects The Compensation Amount For Your Personal Injury Claim

6 June 2018
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When you're injured in an accident, such as falling because of a slick spot in a grocery store, you could have substantial medical bills. What seems like a simple fall could cause a neck, back, or head injury that requires long-term medical care. The store's insurance company may offer you a settlement for your injuries, but you probably have no idea if it's a fair offer. The safest course of action is to hire an experienced injury lawyer who can help you decide how much compensation you should receive. Read More 

When An On-The-Job Injury Reaches New Levels

30 April 2018
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Workers' compensation insurance exists to cover workers who get hurt while working or in relation to a job. There are few very special work-related injuries that deserve their own category and perhaps a greater amount of compensation, however. Read on to learn more about three particularly bad workplace injuries that require more care when taking legal action. Exposure to Toxic Substances Certain fields of work make it far more likely that workers could come in contact with potentially toxic substances, and you can be badly injured despite taking all precautions. Read More 

Don’t Be A Car Wreck Myth Victim

8 April 2018
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It's bad enough to be injured by a careless driver, but you can actually make things worse if you fall prey to some common myths about personal injury claims. You can get compensated, but only if you follow the rules and know your rights. One of the biggest myths when it comes to accidents is that the other guy's insurance carrier will take good care of you and compensate you for your damages. Read More